Help Him with His Resolutions: Gym Related Gifts for Him That Will Last Through the Year

Help Him with His Resolutions: Gym Gifts for Him That Will Last

Everyone sets resolutions for their health and their strength in the new year, but no one follows through. Show him your support with these gym gifts for him.

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Did your husband, your boyfriend, or another special man in your life make "work out more!" his New Year's resolution?

If so, there's a good chance that he may have already given up on it. Sadly, studies have shown that about 80 percent of people don't follow through on the resolutions they make on New Year's Day.

If you want to help your guy stick to the script, there is something you can do to increase his chances of keeping up his gym routine. You can buy gifts for him that will motivate him and encourage him to continue working out as often as possible.

There are lots of different gifts that would be great for someone who is trying to maintain a workout schedule. Take a look at some of the best options below.

Duffle Bag

One of the first things that a guy does before heading off to the gym for a workout is pack a bag. He throws everything from his workout clothes and his sneakers to his headphones and his sweat towel into his bag and gets himself ready to exercise.

It's important for a man's bag to be heavy-duty enough to stand up to just about anything. It's going to get put through hell once he starts to hit the gym several times a week, so it needs to be tough and durable.

The Boxing Irishman's Duffle Bag is a duffle bag that will get the job done. It's just large enough to fit whatever a man wants to bring with him to the gym and tough enough to stand up to any challenge.

Don't send your special guy off to the gym with anything other than this bag on his shoulder.


It might seem silly, but a warm hat is actually a key item that every man needs if he's going to continue going back to the gym day after day. It's extremely cold in the wintertime in most places, so the last thing a guy wants to do is walk into or out of the gym without a hat on.

A Bank Robber's Beanie will keep a man's head protected from the elements and warm him right up before a workout. It'll cover almost his entire face and prevent him from dealing with the cold when he's entering or exiting the gym.

He won't mind working out in the winter as much when he has this beanie tucked into his duffel bag.


There are lots of studies that have suggested that people can improve their workouts in the gym by adding music. A good gym playlist can make people put out a much better effort when they're in the middle of a workout.

Is there a guy you know who is still walking around with regular old headphones in his ears when he's in the gym? Do him a favor and throw them in the garbage and replace them with something a lot more sturdy that will deliver better sound.

Whether he prefers large corded headphones that go over his ears or smaller Bluetooth ones, you can pick him up a pair of headphones as one of your gifts for him.

Water Bottle

Did you know that almost 80 percent of Americans don't drink enough water on a regular basis? It can have a big impact on everything from alertness to productivity.

As you can probably imagine, it can also be very bad if someone who goes to the gym doesn't take in enough water. They could feel faint and even pass out at the gym due to mild dehydration.

Make sure a man is drinking enough water day in and day out by hooking him up with a new water bottle. Whether you go with a simple water bottle that costs just a few bucks or something more advanced that tracks how much water a man is drinking on his smartphone, you can keep him well hydrated at all times.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers have become all the rage over the course of the last few years, and it's pretty easy to see why. They allow people to keep track of how many steps they've taken during a workout, how high their heart rate has gone, and more.

When you track your fitness before, during, and after workouts, it allows you to keep tabs on the progress you're making. It also gives you a chance to set goals for yourself and stick to them.

When you give someone a fitness tracker as a gift, they'll enjoy a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement when working out. You should also make it a point to ask them for regular updates on the progress they're making once they start using their fitness tracker all the time.

Sneakers and Socks

There are dozens of different foot and leg injuries that a person can sustain when they work out a lot. From plantar fasciitis and turf toe to stress fractures and even just blisters, these injuries can take people off their feet and limit their ability to work out.

You can help them steer clear of encountering these kinds of injuries in the first place by purchasing new sneakers and socks for them. Pick out a great pair of sneakers and a six-pack of socks and stuff them inside their duffel bag as a surprise.

Want to Keep Your Guy Working Out? Buy Gifts For Him

Keeping up a New Year's resolution and sticking with a workout routine isn't easy at all. There are many men who will find almost any excuse to break the habit and stay at home rather than heading off to the gym.

You can help the special someone in your life steer clear of this by buying gifts for him. From duffel bags and hats to headphones and water bottles, there are so many great gifts for men that will keep them running back to the gym time after time.

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