7 Items That Should Always Be In Your EDC Bag

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Do you have an EDC bag?

According to FEMA, 60 percent of Americans aren't prepared for disaster. Many people associate disaster-preparedness with doomsday preppers who are way over the top. But in reality, preparing for disaster is as simple as making sure the basic supplies you'll need are at hand when you need them.

An important part of this strategy can be making an EDC or "everyday carry" bag. This bag holds your essentials and necessities, and it can be something you'll carry every day, such as a work bag.

This makes it easy to get out the door and on with your life quickly. And if a disaster happens, it also saves time by making sure the essentials are all packed where you need them.

What should you put in your EDC bag? In this guide, we'll go over some of the top EDC items you'll want to have on you daily. Keep reading before you start packing!

1. Extra Phone Charger

You need your phone every day, no matter what. Don't let a dead phone slow you down -- add an extra phone charger so you'll always be within reach.

2. Portable Battery Pack

Of course, that extra phone charger will only help if you're near an outlet. If you get stuck somewhere without a wall plug, a portable battery pack ensures you can still charge up if you need to. Be sure to keep it charged so it can do the job.

3. Lip Balm

If you get stuck out in the elements, your lips are sure to get chapped. Pack lip balm or a small container of an all-around moisturizer like coconut oil to keep your mouth feeling and looking good all day. Even better if it includes SPF to protect from the sun.

4. A Comb

If you have a last-minute networking opportunity or date, you'll want to look the part. Pack a comb, and if you have unruly hair, add travel sizes of whatever products you need to keep it in line.

5. Hand Sanitizer

You don't want to use hand sanitizer too often -- it can kill off good bacteria and actually make you more prone to getting diseases. That said, there are still times when you'll want to use sanitizer on occasion. Keep a little bit with you just in case you touch something you shouldn't.

6. Stain Remover

A small to-go stain remover pen will become a lifesaver when that inevitable spill of coffee or pasta sauce happens.

7. Important Documents

The right documents for you will depend on what you mainly use your EDC bag for. Of course, you don't need to carry your birth certificate or bank statements with you every day. But it might be helpful to keep sensitive work information, or important medical info, on hand just in case.

8. Portable Umbrella

If you live in a place where sudden, hard rainfalls are common, you'll be glad you put a mini umbrella in your list of EDC essentials. Of course, if you live in a place that's more likely to have blazing sun, you might benefit more from travel-size sunscreen and a hat. You can also switch items out depending on the season.

9. Professional Card Case

Handing out business cards is a fairly regular activity in most industries. Keep extra in a portable card case in your EDC bag so you'll never miss an opportunity.

10. Inexpensive Headphones

If you always like to have headphones with you, putting a cheap backup pair in your everyday bag ensures you can still tune in, even if you forget your regular pair at home.

11. Water Bottle

Hydration is key in any situation, from the everyday to the unexpected. A high-quality, easily portable water bottle is one of the most essential things to pack.

12. Breath Mints

These pretty much require no explanation. Don't get caught without them.

13. A Notebook or Planner

You never know when you might need to jot down some important notes or a meeting date.

Sure, you can use the calendar or notes on your phone. But research shows that we remember things better when we write them by hand. You'll also look more professional and organized if you work from a physical notebook from time to time.

14. Writing Utensil

Don't be the person who pulls out a fancy leather-bound notebook, only to ask to borrow a pen. Keep a working writing utensil on you at all times. Don't forget a backup in case you run out of ink.

15. Pack of Tissues

Everyone sneezes. Even if it's not you, you can endear yourself to strangers and friends by being the one who has a tissue available.

16. Flash Drive

If you use your EDC as a work bag, a flash drive is essential. It allows you to transport and store large files easily.

17. Reading Material

You shouldn't rely on your phone for entertainment all the time when you're away from home. Keep a book, newspaper, or magazine on you so you can brush up on your knowledge during a long commute or a coffee pit stop.

18. MILK

This acronym - money, ID, lip balm, keys - highlights the essentials that you should always have on you anywhere you go. If it's not in your wallet or pocket, make sure your MILK is in your EDC bag before you head out.

Ready to Pack Your EDC Bag?

An EDC bag will make day-to-day life so much more simple. Whether you're headed to work, a happy hour, or a date, you won't need to think about what to bring. Just grab your bag and go. It also keeps you prepared for any unexpected events that can come your way.

The right bag makes all the difference. You'll want to choose something that you're proud to carry with you every day, and that has room for what you plan to pack. You can pick and choose your top items from this list, or get a bag that's big enough for everything.

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