Why You Need A Messenger Bag In 2018

The so-called man purse, as some would say has gotten a significant amount of traction over the past few years. In fact, men leather messenger bags are a new staple for the new business casual fashion style for men. I ride the metro everyday to work, and I see one or two blokes with some vintage or rustic new leather messenger bags. Or I see a gentleman with a brand new smooth leathered surface bag. Men Leather messenger bags are becoming such a big hit, and today we are going to go as to the reasons why we think you should buy them. First, we need to say - forget the stigma of buying a “man purse”. I know that episode of Friend’s comes to mind when Joey’s “man bag” hinders him from getting a job. “Forgeeet about it!”

A Man’s Bag

Men’s leather messenger bags are the next step in accessories for 2018. Laptop bags are a thing of the past, and don’t you dare start thinking of mentioning a “suitcase” for work. Like all men’s fashion, the messenger bag has completely complemented the modern day gentleman in terms of business casual fashion. Accessories are becoming a hot commodity, and these days, in order for a bloke to stand out from the crown, one must accessorize. From watches to bracelets, tie clips to cuffs...etc. You get the idea. What makes the leather messenger bag is how it stands out as a “Man’s Bag.” By this we mean that it is more manly to have a messenger bag than having a laptop bag. Why? Because leather messenger bags tell people that you are in control. That you have style. That you are completely comfortable with yourself. Like I said, men’s fashion ins 2018 is in for a change, and leather messenger bags for men are in - because in fact - it appears more modern, yet powerful. 

The Status

In the past few years, leather messenger bag for men has been pretty much reserved for the “elite”, or gentleman with a bit more money. Cole Haan, Coach, and many other popular fashion brands charge an obscene amount of money for these brands. By doing this, they enabled the messenger bag to have some kind of elite status associated with, making it seem men who have these bags are successful and have money. Not saying that’s a bad thing or a strategy, but shouldn’t all blokes have access to the latest style and fashion. 

The Style

In 2018, men’s messenger bags will have so many styles to choose from with its popularity rising. You can get thick, wide, large, small, rustic..etc. in terms of the type of bag, not to mention the different types of browns and colors that will be available Going back to the point of how it fits the modern business casual bloke, we recommend that you take what you are putting into your bag to see what style fits. More than likely, you are placing a laptop in your bag. The style that we suggest is to be as modern and ad minimalist as possible. This means compact-hugging the body type bags. You can get bigger bags, but in terms of trends, the more closely the bag doesn’t act too “loud” the more dapper it will look. I know that sounds contradictory - and it is, but think about it. All the fitted clothing apparel you have is hugging the body, it doesn’t necessarily stand out, but it makes your physique stand out more. That is where men’s fashion is heading in 2018 in short

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