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The Oxford Collective Briefcase

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You just finished that brief on the destruction of Earth's atmosphere and environment, and why the time to invest in Martian real estate is now! Some say being a proponent for the hopeful demise of our home planet is a dick move, others recognize it for what it is - a long play on the real estate market that'll pay off big.

You're a visionary and you don't give a flying F who's on your team. To you - the playing field is always set in your favor. You're out maneuvering your competition before they even know they're competition. Your scorched earth policies might make for bad small talk but you're not here for entertainment, you're here to cash in on the booming red sand real estate market.

Capitalize on your innate ability to create, corner and cash in on markets nobody else knew existed and look smart AF doing it with The Oxford Collective Briefcase.


  • L 15" x W 4.7" x H 11.8"
  • Lining Material: Cotton
  • Main Material: Genuine Leather