Three Leather Bags A Man Should Own.

My wife has tons of bags to match multiple outfits & occasions.


Just 3 will do.

Purchasing a bag is a straight-forward decision.

  1. A bag should first be functional – it should hold all your essentials.
  1. A bag should be stylish – appropriate for the occasion you are planning to use it for.
  1. A bag should be sturdy – so it doesn’t rip while you are using it.
  1. A bag should help you stay organized by storing your gadgets, notebooks and other items you may need for work. 

It’s worth investing in 3 quality bags that cover all the majority of scenarios – whether you spend most of your time in the gym or at airports waiting for flights.

What are the three bags every man must own?

  • An official-looking bag.
  • A travel bag.
  • A convenience bag.

#1 Core Bag For Men – Leather Briefcase

This bag means business 

Carrying a laptop to work in a backpack shows poor form. A classic and stylish briefcase commands respect. It adds to your credibility and gives you confidence when heading into an important business meeting.

The modern briefcase has come a long way from the hard shell cases of times past. Stylish options in soft leather that are smaller, lighter and with pockets for all of the technological conveniences of modernity.

The briefcase is a classic and sturdy accessory for the modern professional who is engaged in business activities that require a formal attire.

Stay organized for work by storing all your daily items in separate compartments. Don’t stuff your phone, wallet, and keys in your trouser pockets. These objects can ruin the lining of your trouser pockets and ruin the silhouette of your attire because of unsightly bulges.

You can go beyond leather if your work environment is more casual than corporate. Cotton, canvas, and wax mixed with leather present a professional yet relaxed look.

If you are purchasing a leather bag, select a quality leather briefcase that will last you for a long time.

#2 Core Bag For Men – Roller Travel Bag 

Roller bags are a godsend when doing the terminal-to-terminal jog to make your flight connection. Use this simple technology to your advantage instead of lugging heavy bags around airports and train stations.

The key for a travel piece is that it has to be portable and fit in the overhead bin to save you the trouble of checking in bags.

A roller travel bag should also be durable.

When you’re traveling, your bag stays on the ground a lot, gets dragged through rough surfaces and is subject to a lot of pressure. Buy a bag that holds up to the abuse. 

A bag with an outside pouch or zipper is handy to store your passport, tickets, and phone. Look for a zipper compartment where you can put your keys, wallet, phone and travel documents.

Dimensions matter. Select a bag no larger than 55 cm wide so it can fit comfortably in the overhead cabin. And ensure that it’s lightweight enough to be carried with ease when rolling it is not an option.

You generally get treated better when you’re on the go. The bag you carry says a lot about you.

#3 Core Bag For Men – Overnight & Weekend Bag

A great looking weekender or sling over duffle bag is perfect for short weekend trips.  These bags are the perfect size to hold all your kit while still being light enough to lug around with you.

The bag has to be lightweight and without wheels, something you can carry with you to the gym or a spontaneous cross-country trip. This multi-purpose duffle bag is your go-to choice for work, home, the gym, or spontaneous weekends trips.

Avoid shiny leather or casual nylon is more suitable than shiny leather and a neutral fabric like canvas or cotton is preferable.